Parks – The Green Umbrella of Timisoara

Between September 2022 and September 2023, the Timișoara Plant Biotechnology Association is implementing the project "Parks - The Green Umbrella of Timișoara," with non-refundable financing amounting to 48,607 Euro.

The aim of the project is to improve the environmental quality in the context of climate change by creating a green catalog and a Pollution Reduction Management Plan for two parks in Timișoara, while also raising the awareness of 650 youths from underserved areas regarding environmental issues and the importance of engaging in active citizenship activities by organizing training seminars and an information campaign throughout the project implementation period.

Timișoara, also known as the city of flowers, has 37 parks and 120 hectares of green spaces. However, substantial air pollution exists due to the increase in road traffic and business activities, necessitating interventions from authorities, the academic environment, and civil society to improve environmental quality factors, especially since the population, particularly the youth, are not aware of the necessity and importance of protecting green spaces for the environment and health.

The implementation of the project will lead to the following results:

1. Inventory of horticultural species and creation of a Green Catalog in two parks in Timișoara.

2. Design and placement of 1000 plant species labels (200 labels in Braille for the visually impaired), one large panel in each park with information about the history and attractions of the parks - in the Roses Park and Children's Park in Timișoara.

3. A study on the pollution status in the two parks and the development of a Management Plan to remedy the quality thereof.

4. Organization of a summer school for students from schools involved in the project.

5. Organization of 20 seminars with themes on: Landscaping, Climate Change, Equal Opportunities, and Volunteering in 5 high schools in Timiș County (localities under 30,000 inhabitants).

6. Organization of an information and promotion campaign for the project (including a website for IBP).

The beneficiaries of the project are part of the target group of the program, all being youths between 14-35 years old from underserved areas, and will be involved in all project activities. The direct beneficiaries are: 20 Romani ethnicity students from USAMVB Timișoara, 20 students with disabilities (especially with visual or hearing impairments), 110 volunteer students from rural areas, 500 students from small urban or rural areas. Students will participate in the activities of inventorying species in parks, 100 students will attend the summer school, and 500 students will participate in seminars and the information and awareness campaign.

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